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Peaches & [Ice] Cream Cake

Peaches & Ice Cream CakeA recent post of mine was for Chocolate & Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake. I mentioned I had made two desserts for that feast. This Peaches & Ice Cream Cake is that other dessert. It too was a delicious treat. This was favored by Glenn over the chocolate/peanut butter concoction – he just prefers fruity things over chocolate things! And with peaches in season…wow…this dessert really highlighted them. It starts with a crushed sugar cone crust, a layer of caramel sauce, a mashed peach infused ice cream, drizzled caramel sauce, sliced fresh peaches and a touch more drizzled caramel sauce. So tasty! Not overly sweet, it was just right. The ease of this “slice and serve” dessert really made it perfect for summer entertaining.

1 box sugar cones, 12/box
5 Tablespoons butter, melted
1 1.75 quart container French Vanilla Ice Cream
2 1/2 large peaches, peeled and diced
1 Tablespoon sugar
1/2 large peach, peeled and sliced
3/4 cup + 2 Tablespoons caramel sauce, divided use
•Pre-heat oven to 375°F. Set aside a 9″ springform pan [no pan prep needed].
•Remove carton of ice cream from freezer and allow to sit at least 15 minutes to soften a bit.
•In the bowl of a food processor, pulse broken sugar cones until a medium/fine crumb. The job can also be accomplished in a zip top bag using a rolling pin. You’ll yield approximately 2 cups of crumbs.
Peaches & Ice Cream Cake
•In a small bowl, combine the crumbs with the 5 Tablespoons of melted butter. Stir well.
•Place crumbs in springform pan and press buttery crumbs in bottom and up about 1 inch up the sides of the pan. Bake in preheated oven 5-7 minutes until slightly golden. Set aside and allow the pan to cool down slightly.
•Heat the 3/4 cup of caramel sauce in the microwave just until it is slightly softened, and pour over the crust. Spread it out gently, then place in freezer while the ice cream layer is prepped.
Peaches & Ice Cream Cake
•Place the diced peaches in a medium size bowl. Sprinkle the sugar over the peaches [this will help draw out the juices]. Mash the peaches to break them up and create a juicy blend.
Peaches & Ice Cream Cake  Peaches & Ice Cream Cake
•Place the now softened ice cream in a large bowl. Pour the mashed peaches on the ice cream and with a rubber spatula, mix them together. Mix well so the peaches are evenly distributed throughout the ice cream.
Peaches & Ice Cream Cake
•Transfer the new peach ice cream to the springform pan. Level with the rubber spatula.
•Drizzle 1 Tablespoon of caramel sauce over the top. Lay peach slices on top of that, gently pushing them in the ice cream to secure. Drizzle the other 1 Tablespoon caramel sauce on top of peaches.
Peaches & Ice Cream Cake  Peaches & Ice Cream Cake
•Place in freezer for a minimum of 4 hours.
•Remove dessert from freezer about 10 minutes before serving. Remove sides of pan. Using a large, sharp knife dipped in warm water, slice in wedges.
•Once again, Glenn sliced and served before I got my “final product” picture…I need to train him better 😉
Peaches & Ice Cream Cake

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