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Spicy Smoked Chicken Wings

Spicy Smoked Chicken WingsChicken wings have a place in many situations. Whether it’s while watching sports, a pre-meal munchie or sitting around with friends. [Even at your Labor Day gathering.] They always seem to be appropriate for casual gatherings…black tie affairs not so much:)  Thank goodness for me, casual gatherings are my specialty! We had one of these fantabulous gatherings last Sunday – a real feast with friends. Four couples, lots of beer & wine, too much food, sun, fun & laughs. The perfect day! I married into this particular group of friends, as did the other wives. The men in our lives go back, [way, way back] to the days when they were known as “boys”. Glenn met one of these boys in kindergarten…and lets just say they have been friends longer than I have been on this earth! A long, long friendship indeed. The others have been in this boy’s club almost as long. In fact, three of them had fathers who were police officers together for the City of Detroit [my dear departed father-in-law included] during their years in school. They are deeply connected. These boys not only still like each other, they love each other, which is something pretty special. They have shared in growing up, high school break-ups, college, sports, marriages, children, jobs, vacations, loss of parents…ups and downs. The bond is unbreakable…and thank goodness for that! They love gathering together. And surprise, surprise…us wives like each other too. Let’s just call it the perfect “marriage of friendship”! So on this recent Sunday, we opted for a menu as casual as the gathering. It was open season in our kitchen as everyone pitched in with a lazy, streaming of food and drinks throughout the day to sustain us for story re-telling, laughter and deeper bonding. One of the dishes Glenn and I prepared was Spicy Smoked Chicken Wings. Nicely spiced, far from greasy, easy to make and a decent bit of protein too! The original recipe is from Smoked ‘N Grilled, but I changed it up a bit [of course] to suit our tastes.

Spicy Smoked Chicken Wings

3 dozen chicken wings, tips removed and wings sectioned in 2 pieces
1/2 gallon orange juice
6-8 sprigs fresh thyme
1/4 cup BBQ Rub, your favorite or try mine @ https://feastingwithfriendsblog.com/2013/08/02/bbq-rub/
~Prep the chicken wings by removing the tips and section each wing into 2 pieces. Kitchen shears work great for this task.
~Place the wing sections in zip-top bags [I divided between 2 bags] and pour the orange juice on top. Toss in 3-4 sprigs fresh thyme in each bag. Zip up the bags and refrigerate for several hours to overnight. I recommend a minimum of 4 hours marinating time to nicely infuse the orange juice flavoring.
~Approximately 1 hour before cooking, remove wings from the refrigerator. Pour off [and discard] the orange juice and thyme. Place wings on a rack lined baking sheet. Generously apply the rub to both sides. Allow wings to come to room temperature.
~Preheat your cooking vessel – I used a smoker set a 250°F, with apple wood chips. If using a propane grill, preheat to low heat, for indirect cooking method [wood chips can be placed in an aluminum foil “bowl” on grate also to help flavor the wings].
~Place the wings directly on the smoker/grill rack, close up the smoker/grill and cook approximately 1 hour before flipping the wings over. Continue cooking 1-1 1/2 hours more until an internal temperature of 165-170°F is achieved.
~Enjoy hot out of the smoker [off the grill] or at room temperature.
~Serving suggestion: favorite BBQ sauce for dipping.
Steam induced blurred wings :(

Steam induced blurred wings 😦 Wish you could see how tasty they were!



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  3. LoPie

    Love your Blog….well written…photographed beautifully…mouth watering. I will surely be enjoying many hrs and recipes from your collection. Bon Appetit☕

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