feasting with friends

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Our garden bounty

Some of our garden bounty

I’ve officially been at this blogging thing for 2 months now. Boy, time flies! I have certainly had a lot of fun writing the posts and trying new recipes along the way. Hard to believe the posts already number 50+ recipes. I can’t thank all of my loyal followers enough, THANK YOU THANK YOU! All of you are what keep me cooking [Glenn thanks you for that] ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also returned to canning this year, thanks in part to this blog. From tomatoes to applesauce to jams, our pantry is well stocked this winter. I used to can a lot – years ago – I don’t know why I retired my equipment, but I’m so glad I dug it out. The thanks go to this blog and it’s readers – I did it to have something to talk about. Simple as that.

It’s funny how the original, planned path of feasting with friends veered in a different direction from what I intended. I guess I kind of just went with the flow of what seemed to be the more popular posts. I hope I’m not letting anyone down. If so, speak up. I greatly appreciate all the comments that I’ve received so far!

I spent some time the other day scrolling through my site. What I came to realize is that the blog is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. For instance, I need a better way to find particular recipes. So I’ve decided to make some changes. You should see them later today – as long as I’m successful, hah! Hopefully my tech savvy son, Travis, will be on stand-by to offer tech support if needed ๐Ÿ™‚ Once you see the changes [it’s going to look very different], let me know what you think. Please! I’m hoping the changes will bring an ease of navigation, sharing, printing of recipes, etc. Fingers crossed I can do it…but hey, I have gotten this far!

In the meantime, enjoy some posts recently featured by bloggers I follow.









  1. I cannot wait to see the new and improved blog! I’m sure it will be fantastic.Thanks, too, for mentioning my blog and including it with so many other interesting ones. That list will keep me busy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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