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Wolverines vs Buckeyes

wolverines: PB & pretzel balls

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is the rival, college football game of University of Michigan vs Ohio State. Hailing from the great state of Michigan, along with the fact that Mandy is an alum of U of M, we [of course] root for U of M. It pains me to admit that witnessing Michigan’s season so far this year, it doesn’t look promising great good hopeful 😦 Unless you’re talking food. As a Michigander, it’s difficult for me to admit I do indeed like a good Buckeye…candy treat that is…duh! Little, delightful, sweetened peanut butter balls dipped in chocolatey goodness. But what if a Michigan fan, could make these treats just a bit better? I’m talking a salty component…pretzels. Umm….yum! Say “hello” to the… wait for it… the Wolverine!

wolverines: PB & pretzel balls

This isn’t an original recipe…but the name is! I first ran across this idea at Tasty Kitchen. I’ve altered the measurements somewhat to get the consistency I prefer, plus I’ve tripled the recipe. Yes, they’re that good! Whip up a batch to show your support for the Wolverines this weekend…GO BLUE!


Note: these make an excellent no-bake option for your holiday cookie exchange needs.


1 1/2 cups creamy peanut butter
1 cup powdered sugar
2 Tablespoons butter, room temperature
3 cups crushed/broken pretzels
16 oz milk chocolate
1 1/2 Tablespoons shortening


•In a mixing bowl combine the peanut butter, butter and powdered sugar. Beat on low speed, just until the powdered sugar in incorporated. Increase speed to medium, beat until well combined and lightened in color.

wolverines: PB & pretzel balls

•Add the crushed pretzels. Mix on medium speed just until well combined.

•Form into approximate 1-inch balls and place on parchment lined baking sheet. Place tray in freezer for a minimum of 1 hour to harden.

wolverines: PB & pretzel balls

•In a small bowl, place chocolate and shortening. Melt according to package instruction [double boiler method or microwave] until smooth consistency is achieved.

wolverines: PB & pretzel balls

•Dip the hardened PB/pretzel balls in the chocolate one by one until coated. I find it easiest to use toothpicks to remove from the chocolate, then fill in any holes or smudges with a small [baby] spoon of chocolate. Place back on parchment lined baking sheets and refrigerate until chocolate hardens.

wolverines: PB & pretzel balls

•When the chocolate is completely hardened, store in airtight container. I find they keep longer if stored in the refrigerator. Remove 15 minutes or so before serving. Makes approximately 4 dozen balls, depending on size.

wolverines: PB & pretze


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