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Gourmet-ish Grilled Cheese

If you’ve said or heard the words, “If it’s on the internet, it must be true”, you may know where I’m going with this today. Newsflash…the internet can be wrong sometimes 😉  Though I have found at least 20x more good recipes than bad, there are some “untruths” floating around out there. I’ve made a few clunkers recently, which at times is laughable. I mean, why didn’t I question one gallon of milk going in the chowder? Well I’m sure that “untruth” was the simple result of a typo 🙂 Yes, I know – I happen to be one of those people posting tempting photos of food and the recipes that go with them. But, I do make, test, eat, etc. all of the recipes here. Some are new to me, others I’ve made for years. They are all “Nancy approved”.

gourmet-ish grilled cheese

So for today, you’re not getting a skillet cornbread..or pumpkin whoopie pies…or seafood chowder…well I think you get the idea 🙂 What you’re getting instead, is grilled cheese! But this isn’t just any grilled cheese. This grilled cheese is a copy-cat recipe from a local restaurant, Café Muse. It just so happens it was voted one of the 10 best sandwiches in the US via the Oprah show several years back. It is excellent!

gourmet-ish grilled cheese

After a recent dinner disaster, I was forced to cook up an alternative. And this “tried and approved” recipe erased the nightmare! I altered the sandwich a bit based on what I had available [the recipe is for my version]. The original uses fontina cheese, which I replaced with muenster. It also uses fresh basil, but I went with pesto to avoid the bruised and browned basil available. Small changes, yet still just as good. So if you’re looking to step away from the cheddar or American cheese “standard” grilled cheese, give this one a go…I think you’ll be happy you did!

Ingredients [per sandwich]:
1 slice Havarti cheese
1 slice mozzarella cheese
1 slice muenster cheese
1/2 Tbsp. butter , softened
Honey for drizzling
1 teaspoon pesto
2 slices tomato
2 slices bread [choose a hearty, bakery style bread]


•Preheat oven on broiler setting.

•Butter each slice of bread on one side with melted butter.

•Place in oven safe pan, butter side down, over medium-low heat.

•Place mozzarella on one slice of the bread and muenster and Havarti on the other. Cook until golden on bottom and cheese begins to melt.

gourmet-ish grilled cheese

•Place tomato and a smear of pesto on mozzarella side and honey on muenster/Havarti side.

gourmet-ish grilled cheese

•Place under broiler for a few minutes to heat up tomato and honey. Assemble sandwich[s] and serve.

gourmet-ish grilled cheese

Recipe adapted from Cafe Muse, the recipe was featured on the Oprah Show.


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