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A Shout Out Sunday, Award Season & St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve often mentioned all the great blogs I’ve discovered because of [and through] feasting with friends. There is such an eclectic mix of sites, literally something for everyone. It is the food related ones which cause reason to clean the computer screen quite frequently πŸ˜‰ Why, oh why aren’t taste/smell screens available!? But I do the next best thing – I bookmark or print out said recipes along the way and get cooking. In recent days, I’ve made my fair share of drool worthy recipes offered up by fellow bloggers. The household has been well fed!

Recent days brought me not one, but two nominations from fellow bloggers for the Liebster Award! Jess, from Cooking is my Sport and Lori, from Creating Beauty in the Kitchen. Thank you both! Apparently the Liebster Award is for blogs with fewer than 200 followers [yep, that’s me] and have great content [why thank you, blush blush!]. I was also awarded The Sunshine Award from Jillian at News Anchor to Homemaker. Thank you, thank you to all three of you, it’s so nice to be chosen. I will set forth with the requirements for acceptance as soon as possible.

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First up for recipes is From the Bartolini Kitchen. Chicago John shares not only delectable family recipes, but also stories of growing up [and now cooking himself] in an Italian kitchen. I’ve made many of the delicious posts from his site over the last several months. Recently, I made a rack of lamb and a braised goat shoulder thanks to his offerings. It was last fall when I had goat for the first time at a DC restaurant. A week or so later, Glenn and I purchased a goat shoulder at our local farmer’s market [with no idea how to prepare it!]. Then John posted a recipe for Braised Goat in the Moorish Style. Talk about timing! Well, I commented on the post and asked a question or two and he sent me on the right track. With his encouragement we went with a basic braise, ate it as a roast and used leftovers for pulled sandwiches the next day. Delicious!

braised goat shoulderWandering his site, you can also find an excellent recipe for Grilled Rack of Spring Lamb. We were forced to prepare ours in a grill pan instead of our BBQ grill due to the fact it is still “snowed in”. Regardless, it was perfectly seasoned and the final results were outstanding!

grilled rack of lambNext up: I made a Beef Stir-Fry, from Prudy at Butter, Basil & Breadcrumbs that Glenn gave 2 thumbs up! It was perfect. Making a sauce from scratch for stir-fry is something I have struggled with over the years…but not anymore. Prudy’s recipe is delicious! Finding her recipe was somewhat serendipitous. I had a beef/broccoli type dish on my mind. While at the store early in the day I picked up a beef sirloin and a bag of broccoli slaw setting forth on my intentions. I got home, went to the computer, and there posted was the most delicious looking stir-fry with both beef and broccoli gleaming back at me! Now I warn you, mine is not as pretty as hers! But…it was excellent. I did make substitutions in ingredients based on what I had on hand, as I was not going back to the store! And let me just say, the broccoli slaw [raw, shredded broccoli, carrots and purple cabbage] worked great for a stir-fry! It cooks quickly and evenly and is just loaded with healthy calories. This will definitely be made again – as will many of Prudy’s recipes! As you browse through her blog you’ll be blown away by all the yummy offerings. I find we’re pretty much in sync with food we like to eat and prepare.

beef stir-fryHere, I offer Quinoa Stuffed Peppers, via Dimple at Shivaay Delights. Dimple offers up some of the most delicious looking recipes, and this one is no exception. Her recipes definitely help me step out of my box of what I’m “used to” cooking. Now when you click over to her site, you’ll see her version is a Super Soya & Quinoa Stuffed Pepper. Once again, I substituted ingredients based on what I had, so mine became Vegetable & Quinoa Stuffed Peppers! I pre-roasted a variety of vegetables I had in the house and mixed them up with the quinoa in place of the soya. My photo is also “pre-cheese” as we dug in too soon for a finished product photo! It was a fantastic meal!

Quinoa Stuffed PeppersLast but not least, I made perfect Classic Braised Short Ribs, complements of The Domestic Man. This was another of those “meant to be” moments in my life. I had just returned home after a trip to our local butcher, purchased beef short ribs in hand, and no particular recipe in mind. I head to the computer, and there before me is a photo of the most delicious looking short-ribs, with a classic recipe to guide me through the process! Once again, success was acquired! The preparation method leads to a fall off the bone tender meat and the braising liquid leads to a perfect sauce. The ribs are braised in broth, red wine, balsamic vinegar and tomato paste, with veggies and herbs. Perfection!

classic braised short ribsAnd finally… St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow so I’m giving one more shout-out to myself! I have a few great recipes you may have missed that will definitely bring out your Irish…if only for a day ♣ First up – I can offer you a delicious, homemade Irish Cream. This Irish cream is perfect for toasting or adding a little “umph” to your coffee πŸ˜‰ It is a favorite of ours any time of year, but is most fitting on March 17th!

homemade irish creamOr maybe a Shepherd’s Pie? This chicken version is a family favorite we enjoy year round! Chicken, zucchini, squash and other veggies all topped off with cheesy mashed potatoes.

chicken shepherd's pieAnd finally, Steamed Beer Bread! I mean, really, what is St. Patrick’s Day without a little beer? This one is a winner. It’s super easy to make, no kneading required and the addition of steam [water filled pan in oven] keeps the bread from drying out, yet yields a crispy exterior.

oktoberfest beer breadEnjoy! Big thanks go out to the blogging community! The awards are a lovely recognition and the recipes shared by others are more than welcomed at our table πŸ™‚


  1. Nancy… first I’d like to congratulate you on the well deserved awards. The sunshine award? It’s fitting… you are pure sunshine…

    I wasn’t surprised when I saw a pingback regarding my stir fry, because you had asked me about it…but imagine my delight when I began to read the write up about my recipe…I’m truly humbled by your kind words. It means so much to me! I’m truly honored that you tried my recipe.. and thrilled that you shared it! Your rendition is beautiful…and now you have me hungry for stir fry again!! …And yes, we are totally in sync… πŸ™‚

    You know…I’m still pretty new with butter, basil, and breadcrumbs, only about five months into it now. I’m so grateful to those who have welcomed me into the blogging community, and I’m truly honored to be included in this wonderful circle of friends in such a very short time. Thank you so much for this…it is truly appreciated!

    • It was my pleasure to share your delicious recipe Prudy. It will be made again and again in our home I’m sure! I’ve only been at this a short time myself, and I agree with you, the blogging community is a wonderful community!

  2. Loretta

    Good morning. Catching up on your delicious blog, and I want to congratulate you on your recent awards. How wonderful….and deserving. Keep up the terrific food blog. β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    • Thanks so much Loretta! The bitterness of cold these last weeks has meant lots of cooking and baking which has been very “helpful” to blogging, hahhah. Nothing to do but cook!

  3. Congratulations of winning these 2 awards, Nancy. They’re well-deserved and are sure to be followed by more. You’ve been doing quite a bit of cooking lately. Thanks for the shout-outs. It’s really an honor when another tries a recipe of yours and great to hear when they like it. You sure did pick a couple good ones. I once had a recipe for homemade Baileys but lost it long ago. Well, I just found a replacement. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your kind words John, as well as your support. It seems each recipe I try of yours as been delicious and well received in my household. I can’t thank you enough for sharing them! And lost recipes? I’ve sure misplaced and lost my share of them…which is one reason I began documenting them here. At least some of them are now only a click away!

  4. Congratulations! All the food looks marvelous as usual. I’m eyeing that shepherd’s pie. The potatoes look so decorative. That camera of yours is great.

    • Thanks Cita! I’m a big fan of Shepherd’s pie, and though I like ones with lamb or beef, I LOVE this chicken one πŸ™‚ And thanks for the camera comment…it’s a work in progress for me!

    • Oh, I have been busy indeed! Both of the beef dishes you mentioned were excellent, and will definitely be repeat meals. Thanks for stopping by Polianthus!

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