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It’s Shout-Out Sunday!

Happy Easter…Hope everyone has / had a fabulous day! Easter dinnerI’m not sharing a new recipe of my own in this shout-out edition, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been eating! Our household has once again been well fed thanks to the fabulous recipes that keep screaming out “Make Me” here in our blogging community. I’m in awe over many of the recipes I see posted on a daily basis. It gets a little dangerous for someone who loves to cook… some days I wish I could make 6 meals just to taste it all. But I don’t, and I didn’t! However, I did make three different, new to me, recipes this past week. And just to sum all of them up in one word, I’ll say….drool 😛

reeses inspired cheesecakeThe first “new” recipe I made, was this sinfully delicious Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake from the blog Sweet and Savory Pursuits. I awoke last Saturday morning, grabbed a cup of coffee and took a peek to see if anything new had been posted at Fiesta Friday while I slept. And lo and behold, a gorgeous cheesecake greeted me. We were having a few friends over that evening and I still didn’t have a dessert idea…well, I did now! Long story short, I discovered the recipe at 9am, the cheesecake was out of the oven at noon, and served for dessert at 9pm! How’s that for last minute baking? Now normally, I allow a cheesecake to spend the night in the refrigerator before serving. Time didn’t allow it this go-round. And I don’t feel the cheesecake suffered from the shorter cooling time at all. It was decadent! But think about it…it’s chocolate…and peanut butter…in a cheesecake! Where can you go wrong there? One last bit of advice: don’t substitute a different crust. Use the one in the recipe, as it is perfect!

Shrimp EtouffeeNext up, an absolutely perfect Shrimp étouffée courtesy of Angie at the Novice Gardener. This is not the first recipe of Angie’s I’ve tried, and I know it won’t be the last. I’ve found nothing but dependable recipes at her site. This particular dish caught my eye as a “make the hubby happy dish”! Work used to take Glenn to Louisiana quite often years ago. He spent time in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans. His favorite meal to order when dining out was Shrimp étouffée. Once I saw Angie’s version, I knew it was the one to try. It looked right, it sounded right and hopefully, it tasted right too. It was absolutely perfect! Perfect taste, perfect consistency and perfectly simple to prepare. The flavors were fabulous. A delicious blend of seasonings [with just the right amount of cayenne] fresh vegetables, shrimp, stock and a simple roux to thicken it all up. How good was it? Glenn is already talking about the next time I make it…that good!

naan from scratchLastly, I offer Naan Bread from scratch brought to me by Sonal of Simply Vegetarian. If the étouffée was a dish for Glenn…this Naan was an offering for Travis. Travis happens to love Indian food. I had never made anything [at least since he was born, that is] that one would consider Indian food. A couple of weeks ago, he had a special request for his favorite restaurant dish. Who am I to say “No”? I searched, researched, and pretty much became OCD in the hunt for a recipe. I succeeded, and that dish will be posted in the next couple of days. I figured if I was going to prepare an authentic Indian dish, I needed an authentic Naan to accompany the entree. And voila…I found it via the lovely Sonal! Her directions were clear, and easy to follow. The rising time produced a perfect dough. She offers two different methods for cooking and I used a skillet, her preferred method, with excellent results. It looked and tasted just as good as any store purchased Naan I’ve had in the past. After making this, I have no need to ever purchase it again. Delicious!

Do you color eggs, eat chocolate eggs or make deviled eggs for Easter? Check out this innovative “Bacon Egg”! I ran across this at The Daily MealIt happens to be 24 slices of bacon, shaped and filled with sausage and black pudding…Holy Moley!  It was created by Englishman Mike Gurman. I definitely did not serve this today, Lol, I stuck with the standards 🙂




  1. Liz

    You make such great meals. maybe I should apply for a position of taste tester. I love the naan bread. I have some left over butter chicken and that naan would be a glorious companion for my butter chicken….

    • Thanks Liz…I’m always hiring tasters! The naan was fabulous, you should give it a go. Either i missed your butter chicken or you’re teasing me with a “coming soon” attraction. 😉 It sounds intriguing.

  2. Nancy, some hardcore cooking going on in that kitchen of yours lately ;)…. Funnel cake and then this Easter meal and today saw chicken curry… Whoaaaa girl…. You go… :). What a good mom…whipping up dishes at the demand of sonny boy.

    • Yes, lots of cooking indeed! Thanks for sharing your Naan recipe, it is something I will make again, and again. I don’t know about you Sonal, but I’ve found happy kids equates to a happy mom!

  3. One of the wonderful things about having food bloggers as friends is the great recipes that they contribute to us on a daily basis. Your really picked some delicious ones to try.

    • I’m in complete agreement with you on that, Karen! Each of the three dishes I featured were superior in their own right. I really love trying new recipes and it’s so rewarding when the end result is success!

  4. You really chose some fantastic recipes to prepare, Nancy. That cheesecake looks incredible and I bet it tastes even better. I drooled when I first saw that étouffée and again now when I saw your photo. I better make it soon or risk ruining my keyboard if someone else features it. Does that bacon egg come with a portable defibrillator? Another great post, Nancy.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, John! Fabulous recipes at every turn. I think you’ll love the étouffée recipe, especially for the 2 serving recipe- 1 dinner + 1 lunch = it’s gone! Always so much better when you’re left wanting more instead thinking, ugh I have to eat this again! Lol

  5. Wow, Nancy! Everything looks delicious. I am loving your Sunday shout outs and must remember to do it myself soon, as I’ve cooked lots from other bloggers. I’ve made a bunch of Angie’s recipes too–so good! Sounds like you had a great Easter! Do I spy deviled eggs and ham on your table? Looks great!

    • Thank you Ngan! We had a delightful Easter, I hope you did as well. And yes, there was indeed ham and deviled eggs…as well at least five other dishes. I call it indecision. 🙂

  6. Nancy, you are my role model! I’ve been talking too much about trying out all these recipes I’ve bookmarked, including several of yours, but haven’t done anything. From now on, less talk, more do! Thank you so much for the shout-out. ❤

    How's everything going so far? Haven't had the chance to sit in front of the computer until now. I have an Easter post in draft, but time is slipping away!

    • Your very welcome Angie…we loved the étouffée…so scrumptious!

      Everything has been going great with FF so far. I’ve had a lot of fun co-hosting! It has been rather quiet today though. I hear you on today’s post, as my goal was publishing at 10am and I didn’t get it done until 6pm, hahah. But done it got! Go for it, there’s a few hours left in the day 🙂

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