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Phyllo Chips & Shout-Out Sunday

To those celebrating Mother’s Day this fine Sunday, I wish you a relaxing, fun and love filled day…. celebrating with your own Mother, with your children or those you love.

Lake Michigan 1996
Where does the time go? The kids and me, circa 1996, on the shore of Lake Michigan.

For my first shout-out today, I offer you a great story I ran across yesterday at the blog, Good Time Stories. This story is so appropriate for today! I just recently discovered this heartwarming site, and if you could use a little smile every now and then, I highly recommend you check it out, here.

My second shout-out is a recipe. This past week I baked up delicious Banana Walnut Muffins, thanks to Sweet and Savory Pursuits. They were fantabulous. Bananas, walnuts, oats and whole wheat flour. Spices, maple syrup and yogurt. They just kept sounding better and better! I, of course, had to stray from the recipe a bit. I added blackberries [they were near death in my fridge]. Also, I was shy of the needed measurement of mashed bananas, so I reached the requirement by adding a bit of unsweetened applesauce. The recipe makes 16 muffins. I made a dozen, and poured the excess into a disposable mini loaf pan I had. It was perfect for the additional, 4 muffins worth of batter. These were delicious…perfect for a quick, nearly wholesome breakfast or a terrific snack, too. Visit her site for the recipe and a view of her beautiful muffins!

banana walnut muffinMy third Shout-Out today comes to me via the lovely Sonal of Simply Vegetarian. She posted a delicious bread flavored with sundried tomatoes and herbs at our most recent Fiesta Friday. I was immediately smitten. Her photos were so tempting…the bread looking absolutely delicious! She formed the bread into delectable breadsticks, with the recipe offering a “form how you want it” attitude. So…I did. Two ways. I made twisted breadsticks, that I brushed with roasted garlic butter and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese before baking. I also made oblong rolls, that i intend to use for sandwiches [perhaps just fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato]. I brushed the top of the rolls with yogurt and a little salt and pepper before baking. Delicious! I guarantee my photo does not do justice to her beautiful bread, so make sure you click on over to view hers, and the recipe!

Sundried Tomato & Herbed BreadAnd now, my offering today. But first, a story. I’ve been playing with phyllo dough recently. You’ll be seeing one of those recipes in coming days. What I’m sharing here, is something I made with the scraps, or rather, leftover sheets of phyllo from one roll. I had about 10 sheets left, and it seemed wasteful to just throw them out. Enter the back of the phyllo dough box. Have you ever read what’s on there besides the thawing instructions? I hadn’t either, until this particular day. Guess what? There’s recipes there…go figure. The brand I was holding had a recipe for phyllo chips. Genius!

phyllo chips

Wait…that wasn’t the story…here’s the story. It all revolves around Glenn. I made these chips “Day 1”, Glenn tasted them…loved them…and in a ziploc bag they went. “Day 2”, I leave Glenn home, alone for 3½ hours, only to return home and find he ATE almost all of the chips! All but what you see in that little teacup. Let me add, there were about 6 times as many! Oh yes…the man was scolded! I had such grand plans for these chips. I planned to  make a homemade dip, perhaps hummus. I hadn’t taken any photos yet due to rain and darkness. All he left me were a few measly scraps. So with the end of the story, here is what remains…no dip in sight. But, according to Glenn, “They don’t need anything else, they’re soooo damn good as they are.” …So there you have it! Chips, and only chips. But so good, you’ll never miss the dip you never got.

phyllo chips

Phyllo Chips

  • Servings: 4 dozen chips
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

phyllo chips
10 sheets phyllo dough, (9″x14″), thawed
1 egg white
2 Tablespoons canola oil
1½ Tablespoons water
spices, seasonings, or flavorings of choice [no measurements, just “sprinkle” as you go]. I used: poppy seeds, sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, salt & pepper.

Thaw phyllo, following thawing instructions on package. In a small mixing bowl, combine egg whites, oil, and water. Using a fork or a whisk to combine thoroughly.

Place one sheet of phyllo on counter, keeping the remaining sheets covered with a damp towel or plastic wrap. Lightly coat the entire phyllo sheet with the egg white mixture and lightly sprinkle with the spices, seasonings, or flavorings of choice. Continue layering with two more sheets, egg white mixture between each sheet [Note: the more sheets, the sturdier the chips. I opted for thinner chips]. Coat the top layer with egg white mixture, and sprinkle seasoning choices. Cut the phyllo into 16 rectangles by making one cut down the middle of the phyllo lengthwise and 8 equal perpendicular cuts. Cut each of the 16 squares in half diagonally, creating triangles. Bake on a baking sheet in a preheated 375°F oven for 6 minutes or just until phyllo is a light golden brown [this will happen quickly]. Repeat until desired phyllo is used.

Recipe adapted from here.

Until next time…..





    • Thanks, Lidia! My husband keeps asking when I’m making them again…he loved them!

      I adore Good Time Stories…I love visiting it when I’m in need of a guaranteed smile!

    • Thanks! I had doubts initially of how they would hold up. But the egg white mixture really holds them together. They’re nicely crisped, yet won’t crumble down the front of your shirt. 😉

  1. Lol…you’re so awesome. I love this post! First, because of the wonderful “shout outs” that you do, but more so because of the chips story… Hahahaha!! Right now I have some pecan brittle sitting on the island in my kitchen with a note that says “Patience!! Not photographed yet!” I have to say that I can’t blame Glenn… the chips look fabulous. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t have even left the teacupful!!
    Great post…I’ll be walking away smiling…. after, of course, I print up this recipe. ❤

    • Thank you, Prudy. Ooohhh, the pains our families go through so we’re able to share the recipes and photos, hehe! I guess I need to implement the “sign by the food”, too. Hope you enjoy these, in the meantime, I’ll be looking forward to the pecan brittle recipe!

  2. skd

    Nice to see you and your sweet kids having a nice time.
    First you make such an awesome snack, get it tasted and leave it unguarded. Lol ! How on earth did you expect them not to disappear. My hubby would have done the same thing. 🙂

  3. I loved seeing the pic of you and your kids Nancy! Laughing really hard about Glenn almost eating all the chips…they look fantastic, by the way!

  4. Nancy, what a sweet picture of you and your two kids – thank goodness for cameras! I confess I do not recall checking out the recipes on the back of phylo dough. Thanks for all of the recipes – I somehow missed Sonal’s post but the bread looks delicious especially with sundried tomatoes 🙂

    • Lol! He’s lucky there was love in the equation…or else…!
      In the future, I’ll definitely buy phyllo specifically to make these chips, they’re that good. 🙂

  5. Oh my! Nancy thanks so muh for a shout out again :). I loved your twists. Loads of hugs and a happy Mother’s Day :).
    Those muffins are ao good and loaded!
    Just followed the Good time Stories. Thanks for the introduction.
    I am so making those phyllo chips. We love phyllo chips here :).

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