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butter, basil and breadcrumbs: Raspberry Peach Bellinis

If you’re in the mood for a frozen, summer cocktail…I have a perfect guest post to offer today. The beautiful Prudy of butter, basil and breadcrumbs has so graciously provided us with Raspberry Peach Bellinis. They are a flawless, frozen concoction of raspberries, peaches and prosecco. I’d gladly sip away on one [or two] as I rest on a chaise beneath the shade of a tree.  Ahhhh…Thank you, Prudy!  Not only does Prudy’s style of writing pull you in, her delicious recipes leave you begging for more. And more she gives! How about Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs? Or, perhaps Gourmet Popcorn, 3 ways? But wait…I can’t leave out her Chicken Pot Pies…baked in tea cups…talk about a unique presentation!

I met Prudy only a few short months ago…though I feel I’ve known her forever.  Prudy has an infectious personality…one that you easily gravitate towards.  I’m better for knowing her and I consider myself lucky to call her a friend. Prudy radiates kindness, love and compassion. I have been blessed to be the recipient of all Prudy has to offer, above and beyond what I could ever imagine…she has provided smiles when I’ve needed them, left me weeping with pure joy and has supplied boundless encouragement. Thank you so much, Prudy!  The support, compassion, love and prayers you’ve provided me have truly made a difference in me…my life…and my healing. ❤

I now hand the reigns over to Prudy as she provides us all with a tall glass of deliciousness!


When Nancy asked me if I would do a guest post while she recuperates from surgery, there was no hesitation.  Absolutely.  Yes.  Instead of packing my bags and moving in with her while she recuperates (which was my first thought), I quickly agreed to writing this guest post, which, I might add…just doesn’t seem enough to do for her.

raspberry peach bellini | butter, basil and breadcrumbs

I adore her.

But I’m not the only one.

Nancy is adored by many.

Many, many.

Millions, I’m quite certain.

And because she is so special to me…to you….to everyone…I wanted to make something fun…something cool and refreshing for Nancy.  It didn’t take long to know that I would be making Bellinis. Raspberry Peach Bellinis to be exact!

raspberry peach bellini | butter, basil and breadcrumbs There are so many variations of the Bellini, but a true Bellini is simply white peach puree mixed with Prosecco. The Bellini was invented (contradicting dates between 1934 and 1948) at Harry’s Bar in Venice by Giuseppe Cipriani, who took marinating peaches in wine just a little bit further when he pureed some peaches and mixed them with Prosecco.  The color reminded him of a sunset in a painting by artist Giovanni Bellini.

And the drink that we all love, the Bellini, was born.

I do love the traditional Bellini, but I really, really love the different variations, especially the frozen ones. My original plan for these was to make them strawberry peach, but I had a last minute “whisper in my ear” from the little angel sitting on my right shoulder.. or maybe it was the devil on my left… that I should use raspberries instead. Whoever it was that gave me that idea, I’m glad they did!  I couldn’t stop eating the raspberries, tasting the drink before it was even iced…and then, when I finally blended it with ice… all bets were off…

raspberry peach bellini | butter, basil and breadcrumbs

It was an 85 degree day, and they went down smooth..smooth…smooth…

Totally worth any and all brain-freeze occurrences..

Honestly though, this is a drink that is truly deliciously refreshing…and the beauty of them, is that they can be served morning, noon, and night!

raspberry peach bellini | butter, basil and breadcrumbsSo here’s to you my lovely friend, Nancy.  Our prayers were answered with a successful surgery, and continue with your recovery. I hope that you’re up about and doing the things that you love to do, in no time…

We miss you.

We love you.

We wish you the best of health.

Life is good, it’s a “praying that each new day brings renewed strength and recovery for our lovely friend”..kind of good…


Raspberry Peach Bellinis

Just a quick note:

I used fresh fruit (except for the puree) for this recipe, but I know that sometimes fresh fruit just isn’t available, or when it is available, it is expensive and tasteless, especially when it isn’t in season. This isn’t raspberry or peach season for me, but the raspberries were so delicious, and the peaches were flavorful enough for the topper, however, they weren’t flavorful enough for the puree. I used  boxed puree instead.

Don’t use flavorless fruit for the sake of using fresh, when you can certainly buy frozen or boxed puree that are filled with flavor!!


2 cups fresh raspberries (or frozen, whichever is available)

4 oz simple syrup (recipe below)

10 oz Prosecco

6 oz peach puree  (I use Goya brand)

2-3 cups ice


2 fresh peaches (1-1/2 cup frozen), peeled and cut into chunks.

1 cup ice


Raspberries or peaches for garnish

The Bellini:

Add the raspberries and simple syrup to the blender.  Pulse until well blended, and the raspberries are pureed.  Place a fine sieve over a bowl, and pour the raspberry puree through the sieve, scraping and pushing with a rubber spatula until all of the puree has passed through into the bowl.  Discard the seeds.

Add the raspberry puree back into the blender, and add the Prosecco, peach puree and 2 cups of ice.  Blend until all of the ice has been crushed.   Add more ice if you like it icier.

Divide among glasses, and put the glasses in the freezer while you make the peach topper.

Don’t even bother to rinse out the blender, this will just give the peach topper a pretty color.  Add the peaches and ice to the blender, and blend until pureed and the ice has been crushed.

Remove the glasses from the freezer, and top off with the peach puree.  Garnish with raspberries or peaches.  Serve immediately!!

The Simple Syrup:

1-1/2 cups sugar

2 cups water

1 tsp vanilla

In a medium saucepan, add the sugar and water.  Bring to a boil, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Once it comes to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for five minutes.  Remove from heat, and stir the vanilla into the syrup.

Store in a sealed jar in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.


Please visit Prudy @ butter, basil and breadcrumbs for more exceptional recipes!


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  2. rozpaige

    I adore Bellini’s and have been blessed to be able to sip on them during my two visits to Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. However, I love the addition of raspberries in this cocktail recipe and know exactly what I’m going to be drinking this weekend!!!! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe Nancy! Hope your summer is starting off wonderfully!

  3. I can’t wait to try this…what a perfect way to celebrate a friend! Feel better Nancy! I am looking forward to perusing more recipes on Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs! 🙂

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