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Shout Out Sunday & Award Acknowledgement

I’ve been carrying a heavy load lately. A load of guilt. In fact, a self-inflicted load of guilt!  But today is the day I shall clear my conscience. Much blogger love was sent my way during my absence. Love arrived in many forms…e-mails, supportive messages, guest bloggers and awards presented to feasting with friends. All of that, and more, was a huge support to me. A nudge of affection always seemed to arrive at just the right time! Many thanks to all who took the time to reach out! However, unfinished “business” is weighing on me. That “load” I mentioned. The awards acceptance/acknowledgement. This is where my guilt currently resides. Today is the day I’m evicting the guilt, hahhah!

Before I move on to the awards, I’d like to give a Shout Out to Fae of Fae’s Twist & Tango. If you’re a blogger, there’s no doubt in my mind you already know Fae. If you’re not a blogger, you need to hop on over to her site lickedy-split! Fae produces the most delicious dishes in her kitchen. She possesses a depth of food knowledge that is enviable. It was at a Fiesta Friday, back in April, that Fae brought the most delicious looking Moussaka! I knew then that I’d be making this dish…I just didn’t know at the time that it would take me 4+ months to get the job done. moussakaIt was worth the wait! An abundance of Japanese eggplant in my garden nudged me in the right direction. Let’s just say this recipe was the perfect use of the eggplant. We have a small area in downtown Detroit, called appropriately “Greektown”. I have been a frequent visitor of the restaurants in this area my entire adult life. I think it’s safe to say I order the moussaka at least 7/10 visits. I love it! I tried making it once, long ago, at home with disastrous results. Not this time! Thank you Fae for sharing your delicious, authentic and easy to follow recipe. I know I will make this time and time again…it’s scrumptious!moussakaAs I leave you drooling and pondering over the moussaka, I’ll move on to the awards! The number of awards presented in the last 3-4 months has been amazing. There are many thanks to be given to many different people. If I have left anyone out, or forgotten an award presented, it was not intentional! Please let me know and I will correct the error…quickly. 🙂 I’m listing these in no particular order. Some awards were presented by more than one blogger and I’m combining these together. In addition, many of these awards are already displayed on my “mantle”. Being I completed the acceptance process for them at least once, I will skip that part today. Instead, I am giving all of the lovely bloggers “shout-outs” to stress my appreciation and gratitude. 🙂

Scattered throughout this post you’ll see many photos from my gardens and yard of the “floral” variety…enjoy!

The Quintet of Radiance Award was presented by Jhuls of The Not So Creative Cook and Linda of La Petite Panière. Huge thanks are sent to both of you! Both of these delightful ladies host blogs including one of my favorite things in world…food! And delicious food they offer. 😛 I believe I met both of these ladies at Fiesta Friday, and though they both offer mainly food and recipes, they offer much more too.

Stop by The Not So Creative Cook and you’ll find some great features at the site. Jhuls has a “Tricky Tuesday” series, where she offers many kitchen helps. She also has a “Meet new Bloggers” series where she introduces newly produced blogs…so welcoming of her!

Head on over to La Petite Panière and witness all the Linda has to offer. Though I’m a huge fan of the delectable food she prepares [especially the Algerian cuisine], she also provides a virtual vacation through her own travels. Thanks to her base location, Linda is able to travel to many places I can only dream about…and a few, without her writings, would be unknown to me. Check these posts out! The photos that accompany the post are gorgeous…they’ll open your eyes to places you may never have considered a trip!




 Arlene of Arl’s World presented me with the Most Influential Blogger Award. Thank you so much Arl, it is very sweet of you! Yes, Arlene has many posts featuring the delicious recipes she whips up in her kitchen, but she offers much more than that. She also offers insights into dating, time with her son and a sprinkling of travels. She’s currently participating in the blogging challenge, Weekly Photo Challenge. Check it out, she certainly has a keen eye behind the camera! And I mentioned food, right? You must check out her Thin Chocolate Banana Muffins!



I received The Versatile Blogger Award from Nimmi of Adorable Life. It was a most welcomed surprise…Thank you Nimmi! I love the tagline of Nimmi’s blog… “eat, craft, travel, love…in short live your life and njoy!!”. It says it all, and I certainly agree. 🙂 A recent post she featured was for a Carrot Lassi. It not only looks delicious and sounds healthy, but it is the most beautiful color. It resembles orange sherbert to my eye. Don’t leave her blog without checking out her recipe for a Mac-Bread Salad…talk about tempting…yum!

The versatile blogger award


The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award was presented to me from Lori of Creating Beauty in the Kitchen, Malar of Malar’s Kitchen and skd of Aromas and Flavors from my Kitchen. I send warm thanks to all of you for your generosity! This happens to be the first [and second and third] time I received this award and therefore, I will complete the acceptance process and pass the torch to others in our wonderful blogging community…but first let me introduce the presenters!

If you’re a frequent visitor here at feasting with friends, you already know Lori of Creating Beauty in Kitchen. She one of my “blogging besties”. ❤ This time, for my brief bio on Lori, I’ll let her do the talking…yes…I did a copy and paste from her “About” page…hehe! ….”So this blog is the final expression of that creativity…begun in the kitchen and craft room and finished here online. It combines my new love of cooking with my old love of photography and crafting. Sit back and enjoy as I learn to cook, create, enjoy whole foods, eat low glycemic and often gluten-free, and continue to grow into a woman who loves creating beauty in the kitchen and crafting beauty throughout the house!” Well said Lori!!!! Please pay her visit and witness all she has to offer, especially her, Crusted Zucchini with a Sweet & Tangy Lemon Cheese Sauce, a recent post..Mmm!

Stop on offer and visit Malar’s Kitchen and you just may declare yourself a vegetarian! Talk about delicious food! Malar is based in the US, but is from Madurai in India. It was her move to the US that allowed more time in the kitchen. Her blog is still quite new [6 months or so] and it’s exciting to see her grow.  Though her initial inspiration came from her grandmother’s cooking, it’s fun to see where her own explorations in the cooking world take her. Check out her most recent post, a Multigrain Bread…yum!

When you pay a visit to Aromas and Flavors from my Kitchen, you can just about smell and taste all of the wonderful foods being prepared in skd’s kitchen! How about a Lemon Honey Glazed Chicken dinner? Or maybe you’re craving something sweet…like a Black Currant Cheese Cake! That happens to be a favorite of mine, for this lovely blogger dedicated the cheese cake post to me as a welcome back…how sweet!!!



The rules for acceptance are simple:

  1. Give the award to all the people you wish to [at least 14]
  2. Mention the person who gave it to you, and
  3. Don’t forget to include a picture of the Award.

I’ve tried to pass this award on to those who have not received from my presenter’s and/or are not displaying it on their own blogs. I’m not perfect though, and if I awarded anyone a duplicate award…my apologies. As always, the award is yours to do as you please! And my nominees are:

Prudy@butter, basil and breadcrumbs

Jess@Cooking is my Sport

Melissa@The Glen House

Kloe@Kloe’s Kitchen

Suzanne@A Pug in the Kitchen

Josette@The Brook Cook

Fae@ Fae’s Twist & Tango

Anjana@ At the Corner of Happy and Harried

Apsara@ Eating Well Diary

Indira@ I’ll Cook, You Wash

Judi@ Cooking With Aunt Juju

Trixpin@ Almonds are Mercurial

Lily@ Sweet Little Baker

Margo@ Sprinkle, Sizzle & Sip

Congratulation to all of you!

I do have one more award to recognize, The Butterfly Light Award, but per the “rules” it must not be grouped with other awards…it will be coming soon!




  1. Congratulations, Nancy! You are so deserving of each and every award that comes you way, as well as the recognition that accompanies them. Forget clearing off your mantle. Better build a trophy room.
    Fae is a great cook and maintains a wonderful blog. She is so worthy of your Sunday shout-out. Gosh do I remember Greektown! It was my first experience with Greek food and I enjoyed many a late night dinner there. It’s also where I tasted my first moussaka. Though I’ve not tried this recipe — yet — if it’s Fae’s, I’m sure it will be great. Your moussaka sure looks good!

    • Thank you, John! You must make this moussaka…Fae has absolutely nailed the authentic flavors!
      Greektown seemed to be the go-to place for late night dinners…especially the “dives” such as the Golden Fleece [still there!]. You would probably be disappointed to know many of the restaurants are now non-Greek food [for shame!]. Thankfully, there are still a few left and if anything, we have our memories. 🙂

  2. Congratulations to you Nancy!! Love, love the pretty photos of your garden …beautiful flowers. Thank you so much for such kind words on my blog. I really appreciate it. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  3. skd

    Congrats Nancy 🙂 You deserve each and every award and many more coming your way. Thank you for all your kind words.You are one of the most loved person in the community. If there was such an award you would be flooded with nominations 😉

  4. Pingback: Moussaka | Fae's Twist & Tango

    • Thank you, Linda…I appreciate your kind words! The scent from that hydrangea tree in unbelievable right now. It has so many blooms that I keep cutting bouquets for inside, too!

  5. Oh Nancy, well done you for all those awards! They are very well deserved and I’m delighted for you:D Also, thank you so much for passing one onto me – I’m very grateful to be included in the list!

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