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Shout-Out Sunday

The shout-out Sunday posts are one of my favorite ones to write. I really enjoy sharing the great things I’m finding out there on other blogs. I try to make these posts part of my regular Sunday routine. Sometimes though, life gets in the way. Last Sunday, canning is what got in the way. Lots and lots of canning. Glenn and I spent last Saturday at Eastern Market, in downtown Detroit, acquiring the produce needed for said canning. Before I get to the purchases…I offer a bit of history.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Eastern Market has been at it’s current location since 1891 [the original Detroit Farmer’s Market opened in 1841 and moved to the current location in 1891 when it’s name changed to Eastern Market]. Parts of the Underground Railroad went under the Eastern Market through to the Detroit River where escaping slaves were able to make safe haven to Canada. It covers 43 acres of land and boasts over 150 vendors. It is the largest historic public market in the United States.

Eastern Market is an open air market, open year round [yes, even in 3 feet of snow]. The vendors are situated in stalls, or sheds, that have murals of livestock and produce. The area also boasts permanent graffiti on many buildings in area. The area surrounding Eastern Market houses many restaurants, specialty shops [wine, cheese, nuts, candy, seafood, spices, etc] and butchers. As with the trend in most areas these days, many food trucks set up shop in the area on Saturday market days also. One can easily make a day of it…as long as comfy shoes are worn! We’re lucky to have it so close.

Between the last two visits, on consecutive Saturdays, Glenn and I acquired 6 dozen farm eggs, 5 pounds of blueberries, 1/2 bushel Roma tomatoes, 1/2 bushel Michigan peaches, huge bunches of collard greens, Michigan candy onions [similar to vidalias], acorn squash, the biggest head of broccoli I’ve ever seen, 10 pounds of ground beef, a 15 pound beef brisket, ham hocks, farm fresh chickens, Lake Erie perch, donuts, spices, herbs and more. We’ve learned to bring our old “Radio Flyer” wagon along to help tote the goods!

summer 2014 canningSo, on to that canning. We’ve canned tomatoes, dill pickles [slices, spears and chunks], bread and butter pickles, peaches, peach jam and salsa over the last two weeks. Yet to come…grape jelly and apple sauce. Though canning can be labor intensive…there’s nothing like fresh from the farm tasting foods in the middle of winter. In addition to the canning, we have a freezer stocked with green beans, sweet corn, herbs, pesto, chopped garden peppers and blueberries. Our kitchen has been a busy place.

Quite a lengthy “excuse” for no post last Sunday, I know. So on to this week’s Shout-Outs! very-inspiring-blogger-awardFirst, I’d like to extend a huge Thank You to My Kitchen Moments for passing the Very Inspiring Blogger Award along to me. As I explained to Aiswarya when I received the message, I have “retired” from award participation. I’ve updated my Award page with the full explanation. It’s with a heavy heart, mixed emotions and limited time in front of the computer that I’ve made the decision to return to the roots of this blog…sharing recipes, stories and feasting with friends. I thank all for understanding. If awards should still be passed my way in the future, I’ll be more than happy to send a Shout-Out to the presenter.

My next Shout-Out goes to Jess, at Cooking is My Sport. Jess has been on a roll lately, posting the most delicious southern style dishes that absolutely make my mouth water. Fried chicken, hush puppies, peach cobbler and her Grandma’s Collard Greens. It’s the greens that called out to me! Last week, after I posted my Corn Muffin recipe, we were messaging one another. I mentioned I felt my muffins and her greens would go great with a smoked beef brisket. Two days later, that’s exactly what I made!

We hosted a family dinner at our home last Sunday. There were birthdays and an anniversary to celebrate. Glenn smoked a brisket for about 16 hours, I baked a ham, made the greens and muffins. We had cheesy potatoes, salad and cake. Only about 16 members of the family were here [slightly less than the normal 40 or so], but we had a great day, even if the Detroit Lions loss. We’re quite use to that end result, unfortunately! With the usual craziness of hosting a large meal, my photos suffered. Please forgive the photos…please, LOL!


I’ve found that with all of the blogs I follow I see many, many recipes I want to make. Sometimes it happens immediately, other times it takes me a looonnnggg time to get the job done. For instance, I think I made Jess’s collard greens within 2 weeks of viewing the recipe – not bad. But there are several recipes, some dating back several months, that I can’t stop thinking about. Why haven’t I made them? Possibly because I didn’t have the ingredients on hand at the time, maybe because I was trying not to indulge in excess calories, perhaps I was “afraid” of the recipe…I have dozens of reasons. 🙂 But no more…at the top of my list are Sticky Toffee Pudding from Patty Nguyen [posted in February], Egg-Filled Ravioli From the Bartolini Kitchen [posted last December] and Chicken Pot Pie from Butter, basil and breadcrumbs [posted in April]. I warn you, if you take a peek at these recipes, they’ll be haunting you in your dreams just like me! I’ll keep you updated and let you know if my cravings have been cured. 😀




  1. Look at all those beautiful canned jars of vegetables! Impressive! You must excuse me as I try to catch up on your blog, Nancy. Your posts have not shown up in my WP Reader for over a month now (I don’t know why).

    • Hah…thanks, Ngan!
      I’m having WP reader issues, too. I can’t figure it out, but it seems I’m left frustrated in one form or another daily. I’ve even lost multiple drafts in recent weeks. Regardless…thanks for the multiple visits today…seeing your smiling face pop up always puts on smile on mine!

  2. Ahh…great post! Thank you so much for the shout out!! It means so much to me….
    I made Jess’ fried chicken too… holy smokes, was that ever delicious. It’s my new “go to” for fried chicken, that’s for sure!
    Nancy, I cannot believe how busy you have been with all of your canning and freezing!! Wow! I’m so impressed, and feeling so guilty because I haven’t done much of it at all! Looks like I’ll be doing the store bought for the winter!!
    I hope all is well.. ❤

    • I can’ tell you how wonderful it was to see all of your recent comments, Prudy! I was getting ready to check in with you, as I hadn’t seen much of your smiling face. 😀 Hope all is well, and that life has simply kept you out of the kitchen.
      And yes…I’ve been very busy! Just need to get through the apples and I’m calling it quits until next year!

  3. LoPie

    Nancy, the family dinner was so delicious. I especially loved the brisket, the ham, and ooooh those collard greens!!! Well, I cannot forget a shout out to the yummy in my tummy cornbread muffins. Can’t wait for out next get together.

    • Aww…thanks, LoPie! We thoroughly enjoyed preparing all of those goodies…though I enjoyed the cheesy potatoes, too. 😀

      We held dinner until about 7:00 tonight, but no one showed up. 😉

  4. Great market, you really did some canning, good for you, it is a lot of work but worth the effort for sure. Preserving summer produce is great, middle of winter opening a jar of summer and it’s wonderful. I have a list of recipes I want to try, like you I do some quickly and others I love but are in queue.

    • After a day or so of recovery after canning I’m glad I did it all! But you’re right…it’s well worth the effort.
      As for all of the great recipes, it seems like as soon as cross one of my list..three more show up! 🙂

    • Oh, it was spread out over a couple of days! I’m not that energetic. 🙂 Our home is definitely a gathering place, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂 Happy Sunday to you, too!

  5. I’m still planning on dedicating a Saturday to making the drive down to Detroit to visit the Eastern Market- I’m just honestly paranoid because I know very well that I’m gonna spend too much money. I’m a kid in a candy store in those kinds of places lol

    Thanks for the shout out Nancy- I appreciate it a lot ❤

    • You’re welcome for the shout-out, Jess! I’ve made many bad batches of greens in the past, and your Grandma’s recipe was perfect! (I even used the ham hock!)
      As for Eastern Market…GO! You’d be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the prices are…I’ve found the produce at my “more local” farmer markets are close to double those at Eastern Market. It’s worth the drive, which is about 40 minutes for us. For example…3 dozen organic, cage-free eggs for $8 – and so fresh compared to grocery store eggs!

  6. Wow! That is a lot of canning and all kinds of good stuff too which you will enjoy all winter long (let’s hope this winter is not as bad as last year). I enjoy going to my local market and I just love to look (and buy) the products the vendors/farmers are selling. So much fun you are having (and I know it is a lot of work as I use to grow and then can a bunch of things too) 🙂

    • No Eastern Market visit? Now that is a shame, Sonal! It’s fabulous.
      You lived in Troy??? Too bad I didn’t know you then…it’s very close to were I live. Yes, a lot of canning meant busy days and a lot of carry out dinners! 😉

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