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Fiesta Friday Anniversary Part 1: Cran-Brie Bites

WOO HOO!! By golly, she’s done it! Who, you ask? Why Angie, aka The Novice Gardener, of course. :)) One year … ONE YEAR of Fiesta Friday’s are under her belt! And what a fine job she’s done!

Angie has managed to keep this blogging party going week after unmissed week … 52 amazing weeks… one amazing year. Congratulations, Angie. 😀

First Fiesta Friday Anniversary Part 1

I’m quite proud that I’ve been able to take part in this must attend Friday party. From bringing dishes to share, to chipping in and co-hosting. It’s been a blast! This anniversary party is SO BIG, it’s happening for two weeks straight! I hope I have the stamina!

Week 1 of the celebration, is the “start” of the party… appetizers and cocktails. The co-hosts for today’s celebration are Hilda @Along The Grapevine and Julianna @Foodie On Board. Incidentally, these ladies were the very first co-hosts who Angie called on to co-host FF. It’s fitting they’re here today!

Week 2 of the celebration will be co-hosted by none other than Moi :)) and Selma @Selma’s Table. Be sure to make it back for the continuation of this fabulous block party!

cran-brie bites

Personally, I’ve gained much more from this blogging party than I’ve given over the last year.

Numerous new blogging friends.

Numerous new recipes for use in my kitchen.

Numerous memorable stories… some invoking tears or uncontrollable laughter.

Beautiful photos…beautiful posts…beautiful contributors.

cran-brie bites

Good times. Great times. Times to be remembered.

My contribution today isn’t so much a recipe, as it is a “mash-up” of two, regular Fiesta Friday contributors. At Fiesta Friday #46Meaghan @4 Sons ‘R’ Us shared her recipe for sparkling cranberries. Two days prior, Julie @Hostess at Heart posted a recipe for a festive cranberry cheese spread. Separately, they both looked and sounded delicious. “Mashing” them together, with the ingredients I had available, created one heck of a party appetizer.

cran-brie bites

I used the cranberry chutney recipe from Julie’s site dolloped over a wedge of brie and topped both with a sprinkling of sparkling cranberries from Meaghan’s site. Two fabulous recipes yielded one delicious 3-bite appetizer… and a pretty one!

cran-brie bites

I have served these at a few different gatherings since the holiday season. Cranberry concoctions certainly have a place on my table at Christmas and beyond.

cran-brie bites

I saw a version of this munchie a few years back, when I first joined Pinterest…it continued to flirt with my mind over this time. Thanks to Julie and Meaghan posting their separate recipes, it finally came to fruition…Delicious! Thank you both. :))

Cran-Brie Bites

1 recipe of Julie’s cranberry chutney, here
1 recipe of Meaghan’s sparkling cranberries, here
wedges of brie
crackers of choice

Make the chutney and sparkling cranberries per the links provided.

Top each cracker with brie, then the chutney, then the sparkling cranberries.

How easy is that?… Enjoy!


    • Thanks, Michelle! I thought the anniversary was the perfect opportunity to highlight the wonderful members of Angie’s fantastic Fiesta Friday foodies. 🙂

  1. Oooo what delicious apps you’ve brought to FF Nancy. That’s says it all really doesn’t it? Your creativity, other blogger’s recipes, and putting it all together. Isn’t what this is all about anyway? We give, we create and we enjoy! It has been a wonderful journey for everyone, and we’ve stumbled on so many warm and kind hearts along the way. It’s a win-win situation! Happy FF!

    • Thank you, Loretta. It’s really quite remarkable when I look back and realize all of the connections I’ve made through Angie and Fiesta Friday…you included! It has indeed been a wonderful journey. 🙂 Happy FF to you.

  2. I absolutely love brie and the cranberry chutney sounds so delicious, though my favourite part is the sparkling cranberry candies, so pretty, thanks for bringing this to the party:)

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  4. Whoa! Nancy! This is perfect. Isn’t this what blogging and blog parties are all about? You have borrowed awesome ideas from your blog buddies and turned them into something amazingly delicious for the celebration! I can’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate what Angie has created for us! You rock, my dear! 😀

    • Thank you so much, Julianna! Fiesta Friday has been such a wonderful experience for me. I felt today was the perfect occasion to share what it has meant to me. ❤

  5. Very cute with sugared cranberries on top. I cannot resist a slice of brie… I used up my fresh cranberries last week, but I might have cranberry jam (well, it was cranberry and apple sauce) left somewhere in my fridge…

    • Thank you… the sugared cranberries certainly added a bit of pizazz to these little apps. I love the combination of brie and cranberry anything… I would use up that jam!

    • Hahhah…me, sophisticated? Far from it. 😉 However, I firmly believe a recipe is only a suggestion and one should make it their own. If cream cheese is a favorite of yours, by all means, use it! Thanks so much!

  6. skd

    You have summarised it all so well . I agree with everything you said about Angie’s Fiesta. I remember the first time i attended the FF was through you. Thanks to you for that.
    And wow! Trust you to come up with such delicious innovations in a jiffy ☺👌

  7. I just bagged up and froze about nine cups of cranberry orange relish. Tempting to thaw one to try this out. Would be different from using canned, but could work out well.

    Virtual hugs,


  8. Thank you for the shout out! These cran-brie-bites definitely look special and I love the idea of pairing them with brie. Cranberry is such an under-utilized berry. That is until we came along! We may keep the cranberry healthy ear around.

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