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Super Snacks for the Super Bowl!

This coming Sunday, is a big day at our house…for Glenn…and only Glenn. Glenn LOVES his football. The rest of us like football.

Sure, the Super Bowl is exciting. It is the LAST game of the year, hahhah, but…it also includes humorous (and sometimes stupid) commercials to keep us entertained. And then there is the half-time show…Katy Perry anyone??

caramelized onion dipPart of my problem with the game is the time it is played. For us in the Eastern time-zone…it ends pretty late. Okay, not “late”, late…but late for a Sunday night.

Late for having to get up early the next morning.

Late to host a party… on a Sunday night… when having to get up early the next morning.

https://feastingwithfriendsblog.com/2014/01/31/zesty-black-bean-dip/Thanks to the NFLs decision to have the game on a Sunday, we don’t even attempt to have a party these days. Are we getting old and cranky? Maybe.

I like to think we’re “older” and more responsible.

Responsible enough to attend to our Monday responsibilities!

Spicy, Crispy Oven Baked WIngNow, if the NFL would move the game to Saturday night…we’d be all-in! We’d gladly host a party for friends and family. Maybe Super Bowl 2016? Doubtful… yet hopeful.

cran-brie bitesUntil the game moves away from Sunday night, we’ll continue to “pretend” we’re hosting a party. I’ll pretend by making snacks a-plenty…Glenn will pretend by planting himself in his favorite chair.

I’ll giggle at the commercials. Glenn will yell at the ref’s.

I’ll enjoy the half-time show. Glenn will loudly “coach” from the couch.

bacon wrapped stuffed dates

We’ll still be in the spirit of the celebration… though a quiet one. Now if the Lions were playing…maybe we’d have a change of heart. Until then, (will it even be in our lifetime?) quiet it shall be.

I’ll make some of our tried and true favorite munchies. Wings are a Super Bowl “must” for Glenn… those are definitely on the menu.

cheese Ball

The caramelized onion dip is also a pretty “sure thing”. I haven’t made it since Christmas and the unopened bag of chips in the pantry is calling out for a friend.

phyllo chips

Homemade crackers or “dippers” will also be made. Whether it will be the phyllo chips (above), or the flatbread (below)… I’m not sure yet. Both are good for multiple dips and as an added bonus, both taste great naked too.

eggplant hummus

All of the photos you’ve viewed throughout this post, are for recipes I’ve posted throughout the life of feasting with friends. A simple click on the photo will take you directly to the recipes!

Happy munching!


  1. Monday obligations are such a drain, aren’t they? I don’t even like to leave my house on Sundays so I can be mentally prepared for the next day! Anyhow, your super snacks look delightful. I hope you and the hubby have fun watching the game tomorrow! 😀

    • Being an adult in this world does have a downside occasionally. I like to spend my Sunday’s at home, too! This Sunday will be spent cooking and creating and trying to enjoy four loooong hours of football. 😉 Thank you, Patty!

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