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A Sunday Shout-Out … A Tip of the Hat to Angie

It has been quite awhile since I did a Shout-Out post. It’s not that I haven’t been making recipes shared by other bloggers.

I have.
A lot, in fact.

I just haven’t been getting the much needed photos. I’ve been cooking mostly entree (dinner) dishes of bookmarked recipes. With the craziness of trying to get a hot meal on the table and the sun setting long before that…It’s not exactly “prime” photo conditions.

Urgh…the struggles I must face! ;))

An absolute “stand out” recipe I made around Christmas was from none other than our Fiesta Friday hostess with the mostess…Angie of The Novice Gardener.

Angie posted a seductive Crunchy Tangerine Sesame Dippin” Chicken. It haunted me…in my dreams AND when I was awake. I couldn’t NOT make it…

tangerine sesame chickenI’m so so so soooo glad I did! It’s absolute delicious (even if my photo doesn’t exactly prove that!). If I can offer any advice, it would be to serve it Angie’s favorite way… on rice, with the sauce and a nice hearty sprinkling for freshly fried bacon bites. Yummy!

I’m also sending out a HUGE Shout-Out to ALL of the Fiesta Friday Anniversary Party Participants. I’m still in awe over the level of participation, as well as the submissions. I’d also like to offer one more THANK YOU to Angie for hosting this grand event, as well as my fellow co-hosts (Hilda, Julianna & Selma) for tossing their hats (and time) into the ring! What a party it was!!

The Best of Fiesta Friday Anniversary Part 2 are shown in the photos below. You can view the post in it’s entirety at The Novice Gardener (clicking to the left or on either gallery will take you directly to Angie’s post.)

the best of Fiesta Friday main courses


the best of fiesta friday desserts

I am in the process of trying (key word: trying) to claim my blog (feasting with friends) at Bloglovin. I know this is the preferred vehicle for many people to catch up on posts.

So far, I’ve been unsuccessful. Is anyone else (blogger) having this issue? Or better yet, has anyone had the problem and figured it out? I’m open to any and all help or suggestions. In the meantime, I’ll follow Bloglovin’s suggestion and paste this…

<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12349785/?claim=8nhbu9ea5wk”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

…in the hopes I can be “found”, as they put it! Weird, huh?

Happy Sunday…I’ll be back soon with another new recipe!


  1. It was such an incredible party – everyone stepped up to the mark and really upped their game. I actually started a new bookmark subfolder for FF Anniversary Recipes, just so that they wouldn’t get lost within the main FF bookmark folder!! Angie’s chicken is in the folder – I might make it now that blood oranges are in season. It is so difficult to cook and photograph in the winter – I try and keep a little back so that I can style a bit in the daylight but I cannot tell you the number of times, I’ve gone to get it from the fridge to find that Jake has eaten it! It was lovely to host with you, Nancy; until the next time xx

    • My goal for the day is to organize all of the recipes myself. There were so many inspiring dishes offered those 2 weeks…I truly wish I could try all of them! The blood oranges would be a great alternative in Angie’s chicken…when I made it, the clementines were in their prime, and they worked deliciously!

      I try to hold back a bit of the food too…the other members of the family aren’t always enthusiastic supporters though! In the meantime, I’ll keep clicking when I and support the pics as best I can with artificial light. It was wonderful to co-host with you, Selma! ❤

  2. I have to figure out pinterest Angie! I feel lost there. Instagram and FB is a hit for me. Though I have an account at bloglovin too but never figured out. Nancy, I will try to log into bloglovin and see what can I do there.

  3. I saved Angies chicken dish and plan on making it. I love orange chicken, my absolute favorite and can’t wait to try her version, it looks better than the takeout I get. Such a fun party with so many great dishes.

  4. All these dishes look so delicious! Angie posts so many wonderful recipes on her site! Sorry to hear about your problems with Bloglovin’–I haven’t had that problem yet–hope it clears up for you!

    • The collection of the 200+ recipes for the FF celebration were amazing…it was like a whole year of new and delicious recipes in one place. 😛 I’ll figure out Bloglovin eventually…once I get over my frustration! Thanks, Nancy.

  5. You are just too sweet for words!! So glad you like my Tangerine Sesame Chicken! Isn’t it really, really delicious? Like better than take out version? 😀 I really hope many more people give it a try ‘coz it really is GOOD! Thanks for linking “The Best Of” post as well. More people need to see these exceptional recipes from these talented bloggers. There’s absolutely no need to buy any cookbook anymore!

    Not sure I can help with Bloglovin. I did claim my blog a few months ago and I remember having to contact them, too. They were pretty good at resolving problems, though. I don’t know if it makes a whole lot of difference in terms of views. I get more referrals from pinterest and foodgawker. Pinterest is more steady, you get daily views from there. Foodgawker only on the day my submission appears.

    • Really delicious doesn’t seem to be descriptive enough for that chicken! So good…everyone in the house LOVED it…which is really saying something based on the sometimes picky eaters. I’ll definitely make it again and again. ❤

      Thanks for your input on Bloglovin, I’ll figure it out eventually!

      The 2 week celebration of FF, and the food offered, was fabulous! I look forward to witnessing what year 2 will bring!

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