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Spring Cleaning and a Shout-Out

For the last week or so, I haven’t had much motivation to get creative in the kitchen. I’ve been spending a good amount of my free time cleaning. Cleaning out kitchen drawers, cupboards and the pantry. Scrubbing down shelves and sorting through long forgotten ingredients. I wouldn’t exactly call these days fun. But they are a necessary evil of my attempt to remain “on top of things”.

There have been many days that dinner time was creeping up on me and I completely forgot to plan a meal or shop for dinner worthy ingredients. Those days we relied on carry out or delivery…thank goodness.

Due to my lack creativity these recent days, I relied on my blogging buddies to feed our family. Let me just say, there is absolutely no shortage of delicious and inspiring dishes being served up on the blogisphere! I’m so grateful that a little time spent scrolling through  recipes of other bloggers led to light bulb moments of “YES…that’s what I want to make”!

beer battered fried fishI mean, look at this fish! Jess @ Cooking is My Sport recently posted a recipe for Fish and Chips. Though I very much enjoy a good crispy chip, I only made the fish. (Remember, I’m suffering from motivation-itis!) But the fish…Oh, the fish. It’s a beer battered and fried fish. A delicious fish! Crispy batter and a flaky fish. The perfect combination! And guess what? Glenn helped me prepare the fish…battering batches up as I fried others. That’s what I call team work! If you missed this recipe, be sure to visit Jess and check it out. I highly recommend doubling the recipe…it freezes well! ❤

Pulled Pork Chile Verde Appetizers Not too far back, Julie @ Hostess at Heart posted a recipe for Pulled Pork Chile Verde. It immediately called out to me. Talk about drool worthy! My household happens to contain two beings (of the male variety) who could eat pulled pork several days a week. Julie’s post showed the dish being eaten as a stew, and she offered other serving options as well. We tried them all! One of my creations, was to use the leftovers in bite-sized tortilla chips as an appetizer. The salty chip…the spicy chile verde…the pork… heaven! Stop by and visit Julie and see her delicious stew in all its glory and bookmark the recipe! ❤

caramel banana cakeFinally, it was through a Google search for a recipe (something different) to use rapidly ripening bananas that I stumbled across this cake. The folks at The Kitchn posted a recipe for a Caramel Banana Cake that seduced me immediately. The recipe required a homemade caramel. The caramel is then marbled with the banana cake batter before baking. The baked cake is topped with a caramel buttercream frosting…and finally…more caramel! Why not? If you’re gonna do it…do it right. Am I right? The recipe at the Kitchn makes a triple layer 9-inch cake. I cut the recipe in half and made a double layer 6-inch cake. It was a good decision…I cut my calorie consumption waaaayyyy down that way…I could have eaten the whole thing. It was simply too good not to eat. ❤


Beer Battered Fried Fish recipe, here.

Pulled Pork Green Chile Verde, here.

Caramel Banana Cake, here.


  1. All these recipes look so delicious, Nancy! I have been thinking about that fish ever since I saw it on Jess’s blog. You are encouraging me to give it a try. I am always leery of frying as I’m not very good at it. I’ve wanted to try Julie’s chili verde, too, and love how you put it in the shells. And the banana cake, oh my gosh! It looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your pictures and inspiring me to try some new things!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Shari. You’re the queen of tasty pork dishes in my book. Based on the recipes I’ve made from your blog, I think you would love Julie’s chile verde.
      I’m a little timid of deep frying as well, though with the use of a thermometer for the oil, our results were perfect!

  2. I know what you mean. I have been busy with work, lamenting my lack of time to spring clean, which I desperately need to do. Love all the dishes you chose, the fish, the chili verde and that gorgeous banana cake. Delicious all of it.

    • It’s really hard to fit it all in, isn’t it Suzanne? Blogging is really suffering at my end these days. Thank goodness creativity isn’t lacking entirely in the blogisphere…so many good things to chose from! I loved all of the dishes I showcased here…thanks!

  3. Love this time of year just before the gardening chores begin Nancy……so spring cleaning has been happening here too :). Purge, purge and purge some more, and that’s always been our motto since we’ve downsized :). Your shout outs and dishes to fellow bloggers are all just lovely. I think it’s a great idea to recognize those great recipes you’ve adapted from other bloggers, I’ve done that too. 🙂 I have to try Julie’s pork chilli verde too, it looks like something I could eat any day. I agree, I’m always looking for ideas from fellow-bloggers too when my own have gotten rusty. Happy Spring!

    • Thank you, Loretta. The shout posts are some of my favorite to write. Thanks goodness for the fellow bloggers…my family could starve without them. 😉 Happy Spring cleaning!!

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out and another way to serve it! I love the look of everything you made. I am sure that your family was very pleased with your efforts. I rely on my blogging buddies for MANY inspirations and meals. That’s what us foodies like to do right?

    • You’re very welcome, Julie! The pork chile verde was an enormous success! I’m so glad I doubled the recipe. There is now another meal in the freezer for a “too busy to cook day” down the road. 😀 Thank goodness for our foodie friends…my family would starve otherwise!

    • Thanks, Seana. 🙂 My favorite way to regain my motivation is to let others “tell me” what to cook! I certainly wouldn’t turn down your delicious roast chicken if it were on my table!!

  5. You are inspiring me to get to Spring cleaning now. It’s still hot and cold weather here.
    You are right that blogosphere is filled with amazing recipes to try from. All of the dishes look great. My eyes are stuck at the cake ☺️.

  6. Your caramel banana cake looks delicious Nancy!! Thinking I’d like to be eating that .. so would have to make it too!!! Everything looks really tasty! I was wondering what ‘a shout-out’ meant – seems a really good idea and will do that at some point too! Thanks for sharing everything! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lili! The cake is absolutely scrumptious. 🙂 I’ve been doing shout-outs almost since the inception of my blog. It’s just my way of sending “applause” to the bloggers who inspire me!

    • It tasted even better than it looks Nancy! I’ve actually made it three times over the last two months and I’ll absolutely make it again. 😛

    • This will definitely be a repeat meal in our house! It was superb! Keep sharing your delicious recipes and I’ll keep shouting out! Big hugs to you Jess. ❤

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