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Nancy & GlennWelcome to Feasting with Friends, I’m Nancy…born, raised, and still living in the suburbs of Detroit. Southeastern Michigan is a beautiful place to live. I married the man of my dreams, Glenn, almost three decades ago. In those early days of our marriage we both worked full days at the office. Our unofficial vows included the promise that whoever cooked, the other one had to clean up the kitchen. It didn’t take me long to realize I most definitively did not like cleaning up his mess! So I became the primary cook. Through trial [and many errors] I found my niche. Cooking is rarely a chore for me. I thrive on trying new recipes and creating my own. I have a difficult time not changing a recipe in some way to suit my taste buds. This is, by no means, an intended insult to the recipe creator. It is simply making it my own. I hope my shared recipes spark your own creativeness, and you too will make them your own.


Feasting with Friends is about my, and Glenn’s, love of entertaining. Whether it’s 40 plus family members on Christmas Eve, a good old-fashioned Sunday dinner, or a poolside summertime BBQ with friends, we love to share food with others. It quite simply, makes us happy. I spend days scouring through cookbooks and recipes planning a meal for a feast – strange to some I’m sure! But it excites me…makes me happy. As much as I love a potluck style gathering [Christmas Eve is one], nothing pleases me more than to plan and execute the entire meal myself.

Please join me to create a menu, a meal or a munchie that not only tastes good, but looks good too!

Thanks for stopping by…Nancy


Please feel free to contact me at: feastingwithfriendsblog@gmail.com


Please direct any comments regarding awards to my Award page [click on “Award” in the top menu bar]…Thank You. 🙂


  1. Cheryl Johnson

    Hi Nancy

    Just found your blog .. Not even sure how … But so happy I did!
    I wanted to let you know that I used the hot buttered kluski noodles as a recipe for New Years Eve dinner last night. It was just the 4 of us… Me, my two teenage boys; and my fiance. I found the noodles easily at my local store as we are surrounded here in my area (Hagerstown, md) (AKA: the tri-state where md wv and pa meet) by Amish farms and markets and they use these noodles. My boys are both suffering with colds so it was warm comfort food to the rescue. Just as you say you like to; I added my own flair to the recipe. I broiled some boneless skinless chicken thighs seasoned lightly with garlic salt and lemon pepper and shredded them into the cooked noodle/sauce mix. I also added mushrooms. I finished it with some fresh parsley and for my oldest who only likes spicy foods I added some red pepper flakes to his bowl. Was a hit !!!!!
    Probably going to be a traditional New Years Eve dinner.
    Just wanted to say thank you !
    Cheryl Johnson

    • Welcome to feasting with friends, Cheryl! I’m happy you stumbled across my site. 😀 I absolutely love that you turned a humble side dish into, what sounds like, a delicious entree! Such a comforting dish… And “cold healing” I hope! We actually have traveled through Hagerstown many, many times en route to visit our daughter in Washington DC…I know exactly where your little corner of the world can be found. Thanks for sharing your success with my recipe…you’ve opened my eyes to the many meal possibilities! Happy New Year!

  2. Anne


    I just love your blog. I want to let you know that I grew up in Frankenmuth and worked in the restaurants while in college. The cracker crumbs on the noodles are actually Ritz, not saltines.

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Anne – thank you so much! Yes, I do use Ritz or Townhouse on occasion… though my family felt this preparation method was the closest (flavor-wise) I ever got to the restaurant version. Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave behind a comment, too!

  3. Hi Nancy, I have thought of you so often, and just wanted to let you know that and say hi. I hope all is well with you. I miss seeing you in the blogging world!

    • Hi Shari!! Thanks so much for checking in…I greatly appreciate it. I apologize for my snail pace in replying. 2015 was a rough year and it was just too much to keep up with blogging. Things are settled down, a new year is before me and I’ll be back soon. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your posts…even if I’ve been silent. 😉 Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year skd! I apologize for the extreme delay in replying to you…I’m fine. 2015 was a rough year and I completely eliminated blogging (and everything attached to it) for about 9 months. I finally took a look at my blog email just yesterday and discovered your message. Thank you for your concern! I’m sorry I didn’t respond until now. I’ll be back blogging soon. 🙂

      • skd

        It’s a beautiful New year surprise to hear from you dear dear Nancy. I am sorry it was a difficult year but I am so glad you stood strong and have decided to start blogging again. You are an amazing and wonderful person. Thank you for your wishes and I wish you and your loved ones have a healthy happy successful and glorious year ahead 💕

  4. Hi! I just wanted to say a quick thank you for following my blog 🙂 I’m new to the blogging world and really appreciate you stopping by my site. By the way, I love your ‘unofficial promise’ about the washing up – my fella and I have been together 7 years this year and we have a similar arrangement; I cook and he does the pots. It works so well 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by and happy cooking! x

    • Your very welcome and thanks for the follow as well! You have a lovely blog and I look forward to your future offerings. 🙂
      Isn’t wonderful to have your own clean-up crew on standby? I find it makes my kitchen experiments more fun when I have my hubby to help a bit! Happy cooking to you!

  5. Hi Nancy, I feel the same way about cooking and cleaning as you. I rather cook then clean and I love trying out new dishes. Look forward to trying some of your recipes. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  6. Hola, he descubierto su blog al participar en la Fiesta Friday y me ha encantado.
    Opino igual que usted sobre las recetas y el hacerlas algo propio sin seguir exactamente las indicaciones, así como la maravilla que es el reunirse y cocinar para los amigos, y en eso coincido también en mi blog con ustedes.

    • Thank you so much! Fiesta Friday has been a wonderful place to meet new blogging friends for me too. 🙂 I’m so glad you stopped by and took the time to leave a comment. That was a delicious looking drink you brought to the anniversary party!

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