Updated September 2014:

The blogging community has been very supportive and giving. Feasting with Friends has been nominated for quite a few awards. I can’t thank everyone enough for the recognition my little corner of the blogosphere has received.

It is with mixed emotions and a heavy heart I’ve made the decision to no longer participate in the award process. Any nominations passed my way will be acknowledged with a “shout-out” to the presenter, but I will no longer pass the award on to others. I am grateful for having received 2 dozen awards over the first year of Feasting with Friends. It was my pleasure to follow the “rules of acceptance” of the awards passed my way. During the last year, I’ve nominated many, many blogs with the process. I’m sure anyone who participates in the award system knows, it is indeed a time consuming process…from writing the post, choosing the recipients, setting up the links and messaging the recipients. Having limited time in front of the computer, I’ve made the decision to return to the roots of this blog…sharing recipes, stories and feasting with friends.

I thank you for your understanding my difficult decision. I am eternally grateful for all of the blogger love sent my way. 🙂



The Inner Peace Award received from Food, People, Love And Stuff...!!!




The Liebster Award received via á la main, Cooking is My Sport and Creating Beauty in the Kitchen.




The Sunshine Award from News Anchor to Homemaker, Eclectic odds n sods and The Not So Creative Cook





The Dragon’s Loyalty Award from DetoxMama, Arl’s World and Indu’s International Kitchen.





The Sisterhood of the World’s Blogger Award via Arl’s World.







The Beautiful Blogger Award from Aromas and Flavours from my Kitchen.






downloadThe Versatile Blogger Award from DetoxMamaCooking with Ayesha and Adorable Life.







One Lovely Blog from Creating Beauty in the Kitchen.






Quintet of Radiance Award from My Kitchen Adventures, The Not So Creative Cook and La Petite Panière.




Most Influential Blogger Award from Arl’s World.





The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award from Malar’s Kitchen, Creating Beauty in the Kitchen and Aromas and Flavors from my Kitchen.




Butterfly Light Award from Creating Beauty in the Kitchen.




Post Award Retirement Shout-Out:


Very Inspiring Blogger Award received from My Kitchen Moments.


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