Party Time

Entertaining? Looking for a munchie or appetizer to share?

I have some great ideas for you….

One of my newest discoveries/creations are these delicious Phyllo Chips! Yummy!

phyllo chips

How about chicken wings? I have great recipes for those cooked in a smoker, my Spicy Smoked Chicken Wings [or BBQ set at very low heat] or those cooked crispy in an oven, my Spicy, Crispy Oven Baked Wings.

Not into the wing thing? Maybe a dip is what you’re looking for…

I’ve posted recipes for Zesty Black Bean Dip, a Feta Dip and Eggplant/Chickpea Dip.

In the mood for cheese? My #1, go to recipe when entertaining is this Cheese Ball. It happens to be a family favorite dating back 25+ years!

I hope these help in planning together time with friends and family. I’ll be adding more ideas as they’re posted.

I'd love to have your input....

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